SLB™ (Shelf Life Booster) - MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)is a unique method of changing the atmosphere in a package to extend the shelf life.  The traditional MAP packaging methods use either a vacuum, gas flush or a combination of both.  The disadvantages of these systems are, vacuum is harsh on products and the gas flush system doesn’t achieve the levels of oxygen reduction needed to be effective.

SLB™ - MAP uses a unique flush system that is gentle on products, is more cost efficient, faster and it achieves the same oxygen levels as a vacuum system.

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PUV (Pulse Ultra Violet) light is a method of sanitizing food products, food handling equipment, food packaging, conveying and processing equipment. PUVis a high intensity UV light that will sanitize up to a 6 log reduction without any significant rise in substrate temperature.  This allows for sanitization like no other product including steady UV light being used today in the sanitization of water.  The intensity of PUV light allows for an inline solution that’s not realistic with other products.  Let CPC design a PUV line for you or we can integrate a system into your existing line. 

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ZAP N’ MAP™ is a patented process that is the most unique sanitizing and shelf life extension system on the market today.  Unlike High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) and Gama treated products, ZAP N’ MAP™ is done in-line with the ability to destroy spore cells at the DNA level.

While we have always touted our
SLB™ - MAP systems as one of the best shelf life systems on the market, we always made the disclaimer that we cannot control what goes into the package prior to packaging.  We always had to say “bad product in means bad product out.” Today with ZAP N’ MAP™ we can positively affect the product going into the package making your product a safer product than it is today. ZAP N’ MAP™ is an intervention technology like no other. 

The uses for
ZAP N’ MAP™ are only limited to your imagination. Contact us today! Let’s explore how we can customize our technology to help your company reach its goals!

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