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SLB™ MAP is otherwise known as Shelf Life Booster Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

SLB™ is Hefestus' registered patent for MAP without vacuum!  This revolutionary development makes it possible for all sized businesses from "one man" operations to major industries to enjoy the latest in food packaging technology in affordable, compact, high performance, easy to operate and maintain machines!

SLB™ exclusively creating modified atmosphere without drawing vacuum at any stage, opens new markets to MAP. Products packed with SLB™ benefit no harm to texture or appearance of even the most delicate products while achieving low oxygen residuals time after time.

No Boundaries! Pack it all: cherry tomatoes, baby leaf salads, whole fresh fish, peeled cut an whole fresh fruit, dairy and tofu products, fresh and processed meat, baked goods, sprouts, seeds, nuts and more.

MAP, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, is a food packaging process known, and commonly used, for decades world wide. In MAP, air inside a package is replaced by inert gas mixtures, mostly Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, eliminating or reducing food spoilage.  Low levels of oxygen prevent the evolution of organic germs and molds.

MAP is a highly natural technique and in many countries is the packaging solution of choice.

Traditional MAP sealers combine two units to achieve modified atmosphere:
    1.    Vacuum chamber - drawing all air from the package
    2.    Gas unit - pumping inert gas into the package.

SLB™ takes the MAP technology a giant step further.  Unlike all other MAP sealers Hefestus' modified atmosphere is achieved within one fully automatic vacuum free SLB™ sealing head.  Thanks to this novelty we offer a "state of the art" packaging solution to all products even most delicate "vacuum banned" goods, in extremely compact and affordable machines.  SLB™ extends product's shelf life without need of preservatives or freezing, enabling storage and delivery of goods at room temp or chilled.

SLB™, Shelf Life Booster, is a registered patent in many countries worldwide including Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.

SLB™ MAP Technology Advantages:

  • No Vacuum!!
  • Extended Shelf Life - on fresh/sensitive products
  • Store and deliver at room temp or chilled
  • Low running cost - by avoiding the use of vacuum, the SLB™ products are ultra low energy consumption machines
  • High capacity - work rates of up to 15 containers per minute in single sealing head, twice as fast as any other MAP sealer.
  • High performance - low and accurate oxygen levels our standard not to exceed 1% down to 0.01% upon request.
  • Affordable - Hefstus' SLB™ technology combined into all machine models from manual to fully automatic.
  • Compact - better performance in significantly smaller machines, easy to add or combine into production lines.
  • Low noise - the absence of vacuum provides minimal noise making for a comfortable work environment.
  • Major savings - due to low energy consumption and significantly less date expired returns.
  • Versatility - order 2 or more sealing heads to fit a variety of products.
  • User friendly - Hefesuts' SLB™ machines are easy to operate and maintain.
  • Set up - fast and easy with no special tools required

What is SLB™ MAP?

See what a vacuum chamber does to fresh peaches!