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Pulsed Light is high-energy light delivered in incredibly short periods of time. It’s a simple concept with profound ramifications, because it means we can produce extremely large amounts of energy, up to 1 megawatt, while generating very little heat. As a result, Pulsed Light can be used in a wide range of applications where high energy is needed, but high temperatures would damage the materials involved. This has led to breakthroughs in many industries, from optical discs to semiconductors.

Cougar Packaging Concepts is the leader in Pulsed Ultra Violet Light (PUV) integration 

What is PUV (Pulsed Ultraviolet light) Sanitization?

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PUV Sanitization

Basics of PUV Sanitization

Pulsed Light systems are widely used in sanitization applications in the cosmetic, food, and medical industries. They offer high peak power that has been shown to completely eradicate microorganisms and provide a higher rate of sanitization than continuous mercury UV exposure. In addition, Pulsed Light is environmentally benign since it does not create or use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or create suspended airborne particulates.

How it Works

Pulsed UV light causes formation of Pyrimidone dimers in DNA, resulting in genetic damage to cells and their ultimate destruction.  Types of damage induced by pulsed UV light are: (a) photolysis; (b) loss of colony-forming ability (death); (c) inability to support phage growth (enzyme inactivation) and (d) destruction of nucleic acid.

Pulsed Light Benefits

  • Total DNA destruction
  • Safety
  • Inline production
  • Temperature Integrity
  • Process effectiveness
  • Process speed
  • Process flexibility
  • Free of toxic substances
  • Worker-friendly

Advantages of our solutions include fast processing, little or no product temperature buildup, process flexibility, freedom from toxic lamp materials, penetration of plastic packages, and ease of meeting special lamp configuration requirements.

  • Research​ :  Our systems are being used in research labs around the world to study the destruction of microorganisms.  Using PUV in food sanitization applications has shown more than a 6 log reduction in live bacteria.

  • Clean Rooms :  Our systems can be installed in clean room pass-through tunnel and for pre-aseptic sanitization.

  • Surface Treatment :  Pulsed Light can be used to sanitize and decontaminate smooth, dry surfaces such as aluminum, paper, glass, medical devices, and packaging materials, as well as rough surfaces found on surfaces such as laboratory benches and inside safety hoods.

  • Liquid :  Pulsed Light can be used for sanitization and decontamination of UV transmissive liquids such as water, process chemicals, clear liquid pharmaceutical products, buffers, and dilute protein solutions for virus inactivation procedures.

  • Air :  Pulsed Light systems can be mounted on walls and/or ceilings, or inside heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts, for decontamination of publicly shared atmospheres in hospitals, large group living quarters, office buildings, hotels, microbiology laboratories, clean rooms, as well as inside contained spaces such as a sterile glove, clothing, instrument cabinets, and drawers.