Brooke Shipbaugh
Marketing & 
Admin/Sales Support

Another family member! Brooke has been assisting in various areas of the business for over 8 years. She brings a marketing flair and well-rounded knowledge of the business, plus the ability to connect well with customers to get your questions answered.

Brooke can be reached at or 630-689-4050 ext 110

Meet The Cougar Packaging Concepts Team:


Tiffany DeSalvo

Starting in the family business in 1998, Tiffany has played a part in every role of the company from finance to sales to management. You'll truly enjoy working with Tiffany as she introduces you to a level of customer service that is hard to find these days.  

Tiffany can be reached at or 630-689-4039

Steve Kligis
VP of Tech Sales

Steve graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BS in manufacturing and engineering and soon after started Weco Industries, a contract manufacturing company.  Steve's incredible knowledge of equipment and packaging has made him a strong asset to the CPC team.

Feel free to reach out to Steve at or 630-689-4050 ext 101

John Merkh
Regional Sales 

Coming to CPC with a broad background in procurement and sales, John gained 20 years of expertise in packaging materials and processing equipment at a major medical corporation. In this role he used solution-based thinking that makes him right at home with the CPC culture. He is always on the search for the best solutions for our customers. 

John can be reached at or 630-689-4050 ext 154

Mark Cottone

​As the original family member who started it all, Mark has been in the packaging industry since 1977 and running companies since 1985. The majority of Mark's professional career has been in the custom packaging arena, and he knows how to turn your concept into a reality. 

Mark can be reached at or 630-689-4055

612 Stetson Avenue St. Charles, IL 60174 Office-630-689-4050