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Cougar Packaging Concepts is the Fresh Food Packaging leader.

CPC is a family owned company that has over 30 years in the packaging field that was based on finding solutions through analysis and design.  We have taken that same philosophy and determination into the field of shelf life extension and the safety of fresh foods.  Our relentless desire for the ultimate solution, is what continues to drive us now and into the future!

Our expertise allows us to find the best solutions for your fresh products—far exceeding the simple process of just “finding the right package.”  Our niche is in extending the shelf life of your high quality products to enhance FRESHNESS, HEALTH and SAFETY!  Through complete custom design and expert install we can create a new production line or integrate our system into your current queue.  CPC is evolving the possibilities of food freshness and safety.

So, how have we done this?

Cougar Packaging Concepts has taken multiple technologies and combined them to create a one-of-a-kind patented system.  A unique Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) process combined with Pulsed Ultra Violet (PUV) light technology creates a sanitization method that will clean your production lines, packaging, and even your food products without adversely effecting taste.  In fact, we will keep your fresh product fresher and safer than you ever thought possible at a cost that’s affordable.  We will also preserve the key vitamin and antioxidant properties of your products.

CPC has combined its knowledge of the world-wide food market with strategic partners from all over the plant to create the best solutions for your products.

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